Chocolate Organic Cacao Husk Tea

Chocolate Organic Cacao Husk Tea

This cacao tea is made from loose leaf cacao husks which surround the cacao bean. The tea is 100% natural and made from high quality , fair trade organic cacao husks. The husks are sustainable and grown on cacao plantations in Bolivia. The organic cacao is farmed by small growers that are part of a growers co-op.

Benefits of Organic Cacao Husk Tea

  • Sugar free

  • Caffeine free

  • Gluten free

  • Dairy free

  • GMO free with no artificial flavorings

  • High in fiber

  • Good weigh loss alternative

  • Contains essential compounds

  • A good amount of antioxidants

  • 0 Calories

Product of Bolivia


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Judi Turner
Really good!

I've never had this before, and heard about the health benefits, so I had to try it. How can you go wrong with CHOCOLATE!? It's excellent! It needs to be sweetened for my taste, but that's it. I just steeped it in a mason jar, and poured it through a strainer the first time I made it.....easy! The next time I wanted some, I made it in a French Press. That was the perfect process! I highly recommend this delicious tea treat.


Received it in a timely manner. Got exactly what i paid for. Plus how can you go wrong with chocolate?

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